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About Us

Haas | Prokopec is exclusively dedicated to the practice of family law. While we are passionate about our practice, we always remember that a client’s goals and desired outcome is a paramount consideration. As such, we value our client’s input when deciding how a case will be managed. While Haas | Prokopec is skilled and experienced at handling the complex issues surrounding divorce, custody, and parenting time disputes, we are equally comfortable coaching a client through an amicable resolution of their issues.

Haas | Prokopec never loses sight of the fact that people are entrusting our support during a very difficult and challenging time in their lives. As such, we always treat each of our clients with the individualized care, respect, and attention they deserve. We strive to minimize the stresses associated with litigation. Therefore, it is our policy to always return phone calls and emails the same day. Moreover, clients are always promptly informed of any matter affecting their case.

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